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Small guide for a safe return to dog parks!

Your dog LOVES other dogs and he loved going to the dog park! However, for the past 2 months he has had no contact with other dogs. Worse, he may have suddenly barked after other dogs in the past few weeks.

Does he hate dogs now? Should we go to the dog park? If so, are there things to watch out before returning?

Our dogs are frustrated!

Since mid-March, we have been locked up in our homes. We suffer a lot from this social isolation and if your dog loves other dogs, he misses his canine friends too! Why does he bark after his friends if he loves them so much? Because he is frustrated. I don't know about you particularly, but for a majority of humans, we've been really more irritable for some time! We're tired of being inside and we want to see people. It's the same for your dog. He misses his friends and he doesn't understand why he can't suddenly have access to them. His bark is therefore not a bark of fear, it is rather a bark of great frustration. If we could put words on such a barking, it would probably sound something like: "Hey you there! Come here ! I want to play! I want to play! Come here I said! ".

What do we do then, dog park or not?

Yes, but only under certain conditions! If your dog has turned into a ball of nerves of frustration who barks and pulls on his leash like crazy to go see others, it may not be a good idea to meet the polite and calm shiba inu of the park. We risk putting this dog in a very uncomfortable situation and our Rambo will not have more fun to be put in his place. We therefore try to:

  1. Meet dogs with a similar level of energy and play mode.

  2. Meet dogs about the same size as ours.

  3. Favor small groups at the start, if you are not sure.

  4. Be ready to leave the park if necessary (if it does not work, stop to be stubbornness).

My dog ​​no longer seems to want to go to the dog park, what do I do?

Easy answer: so don't go. The dog park is a space for your dog. If he is no longer enjoying it, just go for a walk with him or meet dogs he likes. There's no point in forcing our dog to meet dogs when he doesn't want to (unless he is a very young puppy!). He simply risks hating other dogs even more; he is more likely to bite another dog or be bitten himself. We will therefore simply find an activity that better match to him!

My dog ​​REALLY likes other dogs, but he lacks a bit of politeness.

We have different levels of rude dogs, we find those who are too pushy and who bark a lot. It's okay if other dog is interested, but we should not let our dog insist if other dog clearly indicates that he is tired. With a rude, but not aggressive dog, you can go to the dog park (he can even learn good manners there!), But you must be particularly vigilant and make sure that you are ready to interfere at all times to avoid a fight explodes between our dog and an unwilling friend.

Now we have those who are downright socially unfit, our Rambo from the dog park. They’re really happy to see other dogs, but their game is to stick them to the ground, keep them from moving and growling after the other dogs. We may not even be sure if our dog is a Rambo or if he is just afraid of other dogs. Let's be clear, Rambo is not a bad dog, he just has very bad self-control, bad social manners and lots of frustrations! If this is the case for your dog, you can simply avoid the dog park and you are also advised to meet a dog trainer to make sure you have the right tools to work with and to avoid accidents. We talk about it, because with confinement, we could end up with more Rambo than before, so it's important to take the necessary precautions!

We do not boycott the dog park, but we make sure to put things in place to promote a harmonious and pleasant return for all of our dogs!

This article is the translation of the original article, translated by Pets directory.

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