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Among the many services we offer, the product / service test allows all registered companies to benefit from a highlight and a great advertisement for a specific item! It goes without saying that if a tested product / service does not satisfy us, we will not allow ourselves to make you an article and an advertisement. The purpose of this service is also to introduce all pet owners to interesting items made / sold in Canada. Cannelle our mascot, was happy to test one of AniMush's services for you

At the end of the summer, we had the pleasure to meet (online) Fanny, owner of the company Animush.

Since the pandemic, Fanny has made adaptations to her services in order to be able to offer the majority of her services as best as possible! As a result, we were able to discover the "Information on harnessed sports" service during a ZOOM meeting.

Fanny offers us from the start to introduce our dog to her so that she can discover a little of his character. Although Cannelle is a little Yorkshire, no discrimination is made. Fanny was happy to see a new very active little dog!

In addition to not being discriminated, at AniMush, they adapt their services to your desires, needs and those of your dog! Which is great and enjoyable. We do not then feel judged, we receive advice to improve throughout the discussion. Although Fanny's goal is to talk about harness sports during this service. The discussion takes place very naturally! It doesn't feel like we're dealing with customer service foolishly asking standard questions and finally saying, "Here's what you need to do!" Quite the contrary! During our meeting with Fanny, as we approached the sporting aspects of our dog, Fanny gave us advice and recommendations to improve certain situations, to obtain the right equipment adapted for our dog and all the keys necessary to improve in the future!

Thanks to Fanny, we were able to define which dog sports could suit our little dog. But also, we learned which material was the most suitable and the right way to use it not injure Cannelle. Finally, although Cannelle masters most of the orders necessary to carry out her activities, Fanny, allowed us to understand how to teach her more complex orders!

Once all these keys are in our hand and the discussion is over! We come out rich in information and with just one desire ... to go out and test everything we have learned! To complete all this, AniMush provides us with the documents necessary to have all the knowledge at anytime about dog training in harnessed sport. These very valuable documents therefore allow you to be able to find information as you progress with your dog. In addition, Fanny stay at our disposal for the 30 days following this meeting to support us and answer all our questions. A very valuable additional service.

If you are looking for something to do with your dog, regardless of age and breed, we recommend that you offer yourself the service of Fanny. So you will get all the right information from a professional and passionate about dog sports. Also, you will no longer spend hundreds of dollars for equipment that is not really suitable, Fanny will only recommend the right equipment! Once the meeting is over and the appropriate equipment purchased, you can start playing sports with your dog in complete safety! The documents sent by Fanny will follow you and you will always have the possibility of contacting Fanny for additional information!

Small bonus, you have access to a Facebook group to support you at any times and answer your questions.

You can order your service from AniMush now by:

Their professional page

Their website

Their Facebook page

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