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Puppy grooming

Several puppies have appeared in homes lately. With the arrival of a new puppy comes the first grooming appointments and all that comes with it.

Here are some things all pet owners should know before bringing their puppy for the first time to the grooming salon.

At what age should puppies

have for their first grooming?

There are two essential steps to this answer:

A puppy should be used to it as soon as it arrives at its new home.

  • Be handled every day (without forgetting the handling of the legs)

  • Be brushed daily, to be able to enjoy this moment when he grows up, and thus not to fear the brush and the comb.

  • Being introduced to your little toothbrush, and gradually instituting a dental hygiene routine. 

At 2-3 months, as soon as the puppy has received its first vaccines, make an appointment with your groomer.

These first experiences in grooming should be very simple, with a program for puppies over 4 sessions.

  • The purpose of the first session will be to gradually introduce the puppy to grooming, for example hearing trimmer, dryer, flowing bath water, introduced to clipping, all with patience, gentleness and play.

  • The second session, like the first, but more thorough IF all is well

  • The third session, for the most part, will be to take his first bath, be dry and brushed thoroughly.

  • Finally, the fourth session will be the full grooming. The puppy brought back here is a pro despite remaining a puppy, the cut will not be perfect, but at least he will like to come to the grooming salon.

Yes, all these steps are essential if you want an adult dog who is not afraid of the grooming salon !!

Don't be the client who makes an appointment for the first time with his rather adolescent puppy full of knots ... his first grooming experience will be scary and the obligation to have to shave him will mean that he will have a fear and even a fear of the grooming salon ....

Remember that puppies need positive experiences in order to be healthy dogs.

What are the stages of grooming?

  • Brushing and untangling knots

  • Shearing or hair removal, depending on the animal

  • Ear cleaning

  • Claws cutting

  • Bathing and drying

  • Mowing and finishing with scissors

  • The perfume and the scarf or buckle

How long does a grooming session last?

Let's say the situation happens to me regularly to talk about it!

When you tell the client: your dog will be ready in "x time" why some clients say "ah that long? "Or" How's that taking so long? ".

Here is the answer to that question:

  • The duration of the session takes into consideration that your dog will be handled with care.

  • We will take the time necessary to make him comfortable with all the stages of grooming.

  • Your groomer prefers to take the time necessary to make a beautiful cut, which he is proud of, when the animal leaves his salon.

  • Your groomer likes to reassure the animal who is obviously afraid ...

  • And for all the other reasons your groomer listens to soothing signals instead of ignoring them and worsening the pet's grooming behavior!

Your pet will need his groomer for over a decade ... The experience should be enjoyable and stress free. To do this, the animal must appreciate being groomed from an early age, with positive experiences!


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