Product test: Pampered Paw, Paw Balm

Among the many services we offer, the product test allows all registered companies to benefit from a highlight and great publicity for a specific item!

It goes without saying that if a tested product does not satisfy us, we will not allow ourselves to make you an article and an advertisement. The purpose of this service is also to introduce all pet owners to interesting items made / sold in Canada.

During the last 30 days, Moon Moon the dog of our tester Najawarie, was happy to test for you the paws balm of Pampered Paw.

Moon Moon is a active dog, who regularly likes to play outside for prolonged periods, whether in the snow, on gravel, in the mud, in the forest ... His pads are put to the test on a daily basis and it shows quite well. ; they are dry, "bleached" by drought and friction, cracked in places. The moisturizing balm was therefore appropriate to test its effect on the pads of a dog who really needs it and to demonstrate the results obtained.

The balm has a delicate and pleasant smell of coconut oil, all of my dogs were very interested in trying to eat the balm which they found quite appetizing! The application itself is easy, the large tube is somewhat reminiscent of ecological deodorants, it is a cylindrical stick whose base is rotated to raise the balm. After that, it just remains to rub it as it is on the pads, without needing to grease your hands in the process. Once applied, the balm is quickly absorbed by the pads and leaves a small glossy effect. For the test, the balm was applied once a day in a thin layer on all the pads.

From the first application, there was already a slight noticeable difference in the flexibility of the Moon Moon pads. The ingredients in this balm are all renowned for their moisturizing quality and their combination is very effective! After 2 weeks, or about halfway through the test, the difference in the condition of the pads was already evident and at the end of the test, the pads even regained their usual color thanks to the quality of the hydration, the photos speak for themselves!

In conclusion, Najawarie is really satisfied with the moisturizing balm from Pampered Paws and has no hesitation in recommending it. In addition to being a natural and local product, it has quickly shown its effectiveness even on a dog who tends to easily wobble his pads with his daily activities.

We really recommend Pampered Paws balms! For only $ 13.99, you have a Quebec product that is safe and natural for your pet! A very effective and practical product to use! After a month of use on Moon Moon, there is more than half of the product left which is a real advantage as the tube has a long life.

Your can order your nose balm now from Pampered Paws par :

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Article written by Najawarie Roy, tester for Pets Directory

Photo by Najawarie Roy

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