Product test: Pampered Paw Nose Balm

Among the many services we offer, the product test allows all registered companies to benefit from a highlight and great publicity for a specific item!

It goes without saying that if a tested product does not satisfy us, we will not allow ourselves to make you an article and an advertisement. The purpose of this service is also to introduce all pet owners to interesting items made / sold in Canada.

During the last 30 days, Cannelle our mascot, was happy to test for you the nose balm of Pampered Paw.

These balms, made from 100% natural products and safe for dogs, will keep your dog's nose well hydrated! Coconut oil, shea butter, Quebec beewax, extra virgin olive oil, your dog is treated daily with a Quebec product, without risk to his health. These balms come in a neutral or lavender product, which contains the same ingredients with a touch of lavender essential oil to make the treatment peaceful!

In addition to being very effective on hydrating your dog's nose, the 4.5 g balm in the same packaging of a lip balm, it can be transported perfectly everywhere. This way, you will have no excuse and can hydrate your dog's nose at any time! As with a classic lip balm, the balm is easily applied to your dog's nose with the twist knob. So you don't grease your hands and find it easier to target the place to treat on your dog!

Its formula is very moisturizing, because after the first 24 hours of use, we quickly noticed a nice evolution on Cannelle! But in addition, it stay perfectly on the nose, and if your dog will tend to lick his nose, the product will stay on the nose and continue to hydrate it.

This test came to Cannelle at a perfect time! After several months of living with a wound on his muzzle due to intense itching that is difficult to control, Cannelle was a little desperate to live with its itching every day! Even chewing on a tendon of beef was no longer a pleasure! Veterinarian, antiallergic, anti-itch medication, turmeric paste, various moisturizers sold on the market .... We have tried everything to treat Cannelle's muzzle! But while some of these products were effective for healing, none provided relief for the itching!

Although after trying so many things, we were very skeptical that another balm would work! But we have embarked on this 30 day trial period! It didn't take more than 1 week to see the improvements! After 24 hours, while Cannelle still had a lot of scabs on the lesions (with the other products tested), with Pampered Paw balm, the area remained hydrated and the redness disappeared quickly!

We then decided to alternate the neutral product with the lavender one. And this is where we could quickly see the itching go away! Then, we found a dog who took pleasure in running, chewing and sniffing without always having the desire to scratch on everything that is at her disposal!

Finally, after a month of use, Cannelle was completely healed and we wanted to test the product for 1 more week to see if it was healed! We then stopped using the product for that extra week! And it's safe to say that Pampered Paw's nose balm completely healed Cannelle! No more itching, scabs or redness, hairs that grow back and have strong roots and a well hydrated nose!

We really recommend Pampered Paws nose balms! For only $ 3.99, you have a Quebec product that is safe and natural for your dog! A very effective and practical product to use!

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