Product test: Blanket FouNath

Among the many services we offer, the product test allows all registered companies to benefit from a highlight and great publicity for a specific item!

It goes without saying that if a tested product does not satisfy us, we will not allow ourselves to make you an article and an advertisement. The purpose of this service is also to introduce all pet owners to interesting items made / sold in Canada.

During the last 30 days, Cannelle our mascot, has been happy to test for you the awesome blanket created by FouNath!

Adapted to the size of your pet, this blanket, whose top is in minky and the bottom in sherpa, offers a very high quality accessory where to rest!

From his first contact, Cannelle adopted it for a first nap. During the next 30 days of testing that followed, we provided this blanket in several situations. She accompanied Cannelle in her bed, in all her resting places, in the car, in the transport cage when travelling ... In all these situations, Cannelle was always happy and reassured to have it with her.

As this test took place over a period of late summer - early fall, Cannelle also had the opportunity to test it with changing weather conditions in her environment. Obviously, the minky side is nicer to rest on in warmer temperatures while the sherpa side will provide a good way to warm up on cooler days! In addition to being reversible, this blanket offers a nice small thickness which allows it to be used as a resting "mat" and thus will protect your dog's joints better than a simple blanket.

Its ideal size for our little Cannelle allows it as much to lie down as to bundle up in it to feel comforted while warming up!

Our little terrier never strayed away from its nosy instinct, so it's normal that this blanket has gone through several scratching sessions. This is where its quality was mainly put to the test! But none of the scratching sessions, the games ... left even a mark on this blanket!

The second element which, for us, demonstrates extreme quality is the wash proof. During these 30 days, we washed the blanket 4 times. As indicated by FouNath, the drying was done in the open air and the cover, the texture or the colours have never been modified, damaged .... The blanket is today as beautiful as it was when we received it in August! And, as an added bonus, the blanket dries very quickly in the open air!

We really recommend this customizable blanket! Starting at $ 50, you are giving your dog or cat a high quality soft blanket that will certainly last a lifetime!

You can order your customizable blanket now from FouNath through:

Her professional page

Her website

Her Facebook page

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