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Homeopathy is fun to use and the fact that it works so well with so many medical issues makes it all the more rewarding! But do you know how to use it and which remedy to use?

To make it easier for you, here are some homeopathic remedies for minor emergencies.

Easy homeopathy

Most of the commonly used remedies are inexpensive and easy to find. They can be purchased in most health food markets, in some human pharmacies, online at a multitude of sites.

The first thing to do is to assemble a homeopathic kit to have at home.

What dose should I give?

Unlike medicines, homeopathy does not work based on body weight (eg give 500 mg per 25 pounds of body weight). It doesn’t matter if you give one drop of the remedy or five or one or three lozenges, as homeopathy is an energy medicine. There is usually no physical substance left in the remedy.

We used to use antibiotics which need to be calculated based on the dog's weight and have some time to give them. This is simply not the case with homeopathy.

With homeopathy, the original physical substance is diluted sequentially. That is why you have the numbers after the name of the remedy. Arnica 6x doesn't mean you have to give it six times! This means that the remedy has been diluted six times.

You may want to go out and buy these commonly used remedies to have on hand when needed. They are small and also make a great travel kit.

The kit to have

  • Apis mellifica : ideal for bee stings and other insects. Give every 20 minutes for a few doses after a bee sting.

  • Arnica : good for general pain, stiffness from overuse, pain, and musculoskeletal injuries.

  • Album Arsenicum : ideal for gastrointestinal disturbances due to the consumption of spoiled food where there is both vomiting and diarrhea. Give twice an hour for a few hours.

  • Borax (the remedy, not the powder): excellent for fear of thunderstorms and fireworks. Give this to the power of 6c twice a day for a month during the season.

  • Calendula (can be used both as an oral remedy and as an external ointment): to be used for skin infections or any type of external infection. It is a remarkable healing agent and a tube of ointment should always be handy for topical application to scrapes, infections and wounds.

  • Hepar sulfur : is wonderful for treating painful abscesses anywhere on the body and infected painful anal glands.

  • Hypericum : is an excellent remedy to give for any pain due to nerve damage or damage to areas rich in nerves. Ideal when you cut your dog's nails too short.

  • Myristica : Phenomenal remedy for anal sac infections and chronic anal sac problems.

  • Rhus tox : for arthritis that gets better after travel, general musculoskeletal injuries, red swollen eyes, skin infections and itchy skin.

  • Ruta : fantastic for any tendon or ligament injury and this remedy has a real affinity for the knee so you can use it immediately after a knee or cross injury.

  • Silicea : pushes foreign bodies like shards or glaucous foxtail out of the skin.

  • Ledum : the first choice for all types of puncture wounds, including those caused by insect bites.

What makes it better and what makes it worse?

Homeopathic remedies are chosen based on how the patient experiences their illness. For example, a person with a cold may want everyone in the house to be present and worried about them, while another wants to be left alone to lie down quietly in the dark. Each of these individuals would need a different remedy depending on the individual image they present.

Let's say your dog has arthritis and stiffness. The specific way in which the problem presents itself in your dog will determine which remedy you choose. For example, look at arthritis stiffness in dogs. Your choice of remedy may depend on whether your dog is doing worse or better when he first gets up after resting. If he is better after resting, he may need the Bryonia remedy. Most dogs are stiff at first, but after walking a bit, they become less stiff after moving a bit.

Often times, these same dogs are worse in cold, wet weather. With this presentation you will probably choose the remedy Rhus toxidendron. Rhus tox, as it is commonly called, is much cheaper than NSAIDs and also much safer to use.

If you were to determine that Rhus tox was the best medicine for your dog, you would simply put a few melting lozenges in his mouth three times a day and monitor him for the following week, noting any changes in his condition. If he gets better, you have the right medicine, and if there is no change, there is no harm. Go back and read some more in some how-to books on homeopathy. When you have the right remedy, you will know it, because there will be improvement.

With a little investment and a little planning, you can build your own homeopathy kit. These remedies are not that difficult to use and can provide your dog with fast and effective relief from many common injuries and illnesses.


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