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Grooming in confinement

Owners are concerned about their dogs and how to care for them at home during this time of confinement. Several groomers have made live videos on their social media, covering some of the issues for owners, including facial cuts, coat brushing, ear cleaning and hair removal. Some owners don't feel confident enough to complete these chores at home, but my advice is to use them as a time to bond with your pet and use treats as rewards during sessions.

The basic tools remain the brush and the metal comb for regular brushing at home. Brush with a comb long-haired dog's areas in sections down to the skin, to reduce knots and possibly using a detangler while brushing, working all parts of the body. Some dogs run away at the sight of a brush, so the animal needs to be re-taught to enjoy sessions with treats as rewards. Try to work on areas the dog may like and slowly progress to less popular areas, but don't push him. Keep telling them how good your dog is during the process.

Do small sessions several times a day, instead of one painful brushing session a week.

Check your dogs' eyes, making sure they are kept clean by using a clean wipe for each eye. If the hair around the eyes need to be trimmed, you can do this using tipped scissors. Always make sure you protect the animal's eyes, know where the skin is under the coat, before cutting so that an accident does not happen.

Check the ears regularly and, if they need cleaning, use a special dog ear cleaner. Gently massage the cleaner into the ear for about 20 seconds, then clean with a swab, not cotton swabs, which could injure the ear canal if the animal moves.

Since some dogs may not take the same number of walks, the nails should be checked to make sure they do not curl, as regular dog walks are necessary to keep these nails short. The paws should also be checked, they should be soft and free from cracks, apply a balm as needed.

Unless you know what you are doing with a razor or a nail clipper, it is best not to try so as not to hurt your pet. Even a small wound can cause great fear and your pet may not want to be approached in the future to do the claw cut, for example.

Your dog won't be bothered by a few extra weeks of hair, and it won't hurt him. Now is not the time to go to the vet as the animal is injured by its owner so try waiting for your groomer to come back to work.

People can reach out to their own local groomers for the best tips on their pet's coat - even send pictures of what you've been doing around the house as an interview because we miss all of our fantastic clients.

Groomers can't wait to get back to some sort of normalcy and see their human and canine clients again.

Photo: Photo by Zoki Photo on Unsplash

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