Doolittle Animal Reiki

Throughout the week, we will introduce you to the Dolittle Animal Reiki company!

This company, straight out of Camrose, Alberta was created and is managed by Sonja m Bott.

Sonja is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner. Her business is a passion, which never makes her task difficult.

Her goal is make having a pet and animal enjoyable, to be sure dogs and cats aren't sitting in shelters not being adopted because of these quirks such as seperation aniexty etc.

With the pandemic situation, she decided to make her dreams come true faster than expected. She opened in June 2020. Passionate about animals, she has already worked with dogs, cats and horses and also is a volunteer for rescues. That is why she decided to dedicate her services to pets! Sonja work with essential oils and make family safe products such as calming sprays, bug repellant safe  for dogs to wear that repels ticks and fleas. She makes products for cats and horses as well. Her products are all customizable for allergies and i ship anywhere. 

Reiki is a great non-invasive treatment for animals with anixety, previous trauma, mobility issues etc. Reiki is a healing energy, although thet can set an intention for the session to heal a certain issue such as for example sore hips, cancer etc

 Their is no guarantee treatment for this specific issue will be fixed. Sonja just channel the healing energy the client chooses what needs to be done. 

This great enthusiast, works in client areas, she often also frequents markets, once a week, to meet famous people and make her face known to the public. She tries to volunteer with the rescues a few times a month.

Finally, Sonja hopes to see Reiki as a must-have treatment for animal care alongside veterinary care.

Find all her information on her professional page of the directory!

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