Throughout the week, we will introduce you to the AniMush company.

You will thus be able to get to know it better, discover its services and the advantages it can bring you!


AniMush is a company founded and managed by Fanny Mahingan Peltier, a behaviorist educator, harnessed dog sports coach and dog boarding management consultant.

AniMush is an amalgamation of several words all having a very important meaning which is the essence of the company

Animosh (native algonquin language) = dog

Ani = soul

Mush = is a derivative of the word "running" in sled dog drivers (mushers).

So, AniMush = the soul of the walking dog!

AniMush is the importance we place on origins in dogs and their nature. Better understand this nature to develop a symbiosis with the animosh in a human society through changes. And sometimes the need to return to the sources to find oneself.

The company will soon be celebrating its tenth year in the business. The adventure began in May 2010 when the owner adopted her first Alaskan. The trigger was the adoption of a puppy, just 6 weeks old, who got off to a rocky start in her life. Coming from a disadvantaged background, Kimik presented some of the difficulties one encounters in puppies who left their mothers too early. His education was a challenge, but a very rewarding challenge for a coach. Passionate about developmental psychology, animal behavior and nature, it was not difficult for Fanny to embark on long studies to gain experience. To this day we can say that the company has grown as Kimik has become a wise dog with a lot of experience. He is the dog of a life and the reason why Fanny has developed over the years an expertise in training for harnessed dog sports and behavior.

Ten years ago it was very difficult to find information on how to train dogs to work in harnesses, even the equipment available on the market was very basic. We had to find a good musher ready to teach us his skills, but the methods of education did not meet the values conveyed by AniMush. This is how Fanny developed a dog training program and perfected methods based on science. Today, AniMush has to its credit more than 500 human-dog duos seen in private or group training to discover or improve in a traction sport.


Ten years ago, I was taking a private education class with Kimik. Unfortunately, as the trades in dog education and behavior are not regulated, I came across a trainer who said he recommended positive reinforcement methods, but who in fact used coercive methods. My young dog was abused at the end of his leash and started after 1 session to show signs of aggression when he encountered other dogs. He had made the association, other dog = pain / choke collar blow. I returned home completely in shock and angry with myself. This is how I started my research to follow training courses with the best names in Quebec for dog education and behavior. I started my education and behavior training with Jean Lessard (We love each other as a dog - ICI Explora, Animo - ICI Radio Canada) and it all happened at high speed.


In order to give people the tools so that they can develop a better relationship with their companion, whether through sport, education or a better understanding of the canine species, AniMush offers several varied services:

  • Coaching in dog education and behavior: private or group formula, home or videoconference

  • Pension management consultancy

  • Development of harnessed dog sports

  • Coaching in harnessed dog sports: private or group formula

  • Organized canirandonnée and snow scooter outings

These services offered both for dogs and humans and sometimes cats for a harmonious cohabitation with the dog. AniMush is not stopped at a fixed address and travels all over the world to give training.


Specialization in harnessed dog sports, which are still a very marginal and little known sports. AniMush is the only company in Quebec that has developed expertise in dog training in harnessed canine sports, whether for fun or competition. Sure, some companies do offer courses and training, but AniMush is the only company that has a broad curriculum in behavior, education, and experience playing these sports on a regular basis.

Moreover, AniMush does not stop there in its learning. The owner collects the training and as she is a member of the RQIEC (Regroupement Québécois des Intervenants en Éducation Canine), she must complete a minimum of 21 hours of continuing education every 2 years. This allows him to obtain continuously updated knowledge and always teach you the best methods for the proper education of your animal.


No day is the same and that's what we love about AniMush, it moves! The only thing that doesn't change is the care and care we give to our dogs. They have their routines that meet their needs while still allowing them to go to the office or be away for a few hours without feeling guilty.

Finding your balance is not always easy when the days are so busy and you have to balance family life and business. Planning one's time remains the greatest difficulty encountered.

But among the greatest difficulties, it sometimes happens to encounter severe cases in behavior that can lead to a heartbreaking decision to be made. These situations are delicate and require a lot of empathy while remaining objective so as not to take everything on my shoulders as a coach.


Oh yes, that was the boost to start a more techno shift to launch online services like coaching, videoconferencing and soon other services.


Fanny has great projects in development for AniMush including an ebook as well as online training that will be launched by 2021. There are also a few partnerships that I can't speak to yet that promise to showcase some great opportunities to move with your dog outdoors.


In my trainings, I always tell this story to explain to people that the dog can never be more precise than what we ask. So here it is:

I am training in bikejoring with my dog, who has a lot of experience and knows his instructions very well. We are on a narrow path in a wooded area and there is a curve in front of us that turns to the right. It's been 5 minutes since I said anything to my dog, he runs straight in front of the bike and everything is fine. Just to say something, before turning to the right I say to him: bravo my dog ​​Haw!

My dog ​​turns his head slightly at an angle. Behavior when he wants to confirm an instruction, I see the hesitation in his eyes and I repeat: that's it good dog, haw!

Haw = turn left in mushing language and there was only the option of turning right (Djee) on this trail. Otherwise, he had to go into the woods. Well, that's what he did and between 2 trees. The dog passed, but not the stupid human behind well seated on his bike: D: D

Blame my dog? He was never polite enough to confirm my request. I would like to know what he was thinking at the moment!

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