Elk Island National Park


Just 35 minutes east of Edmonton lies a natural wonderland open all year long! Spread a blanket and gaze at a starry sky free from city lights or follow the footprints of a bison and learn how this magnificent animal was brought back from near extinction. In addition to being an important refuge for bison, elk and more than 250 bird species, Elk Island National Park is also an oasis of calm for day picnickers and overnight campers alike.

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Park regulations

Pets are welcome in Elk Island National Park. The park is a great place for you and your pet to enjoy forests, lakes and meadows. Please follow Parks Canada regulations* and pet etiquette to ensure your personal safety and the safety of your pet. These rules also safeguard the comfort of other visitors and help protect park wildlife and habitat.

  • Dogs and Cats must be under physical control at all times. Physical control includes restraint by a leash that does not exceed 3 metres in length or confinement in a container or enclosure suitable for keeping the animal.

  • Dogs and cats must not chase, molest, bite or injure any person, other domestic animal or wildlife.

  • Domestic animals must not be allowed to become a nuisance or cause unreasonable disturbance to persons, wildlife, property or facilities. This includes excessive barking;

  • Domestic animals must not be left unattended. This includes on your campsite or in a tent;

  • You are responsible for cleaning up your pets feces. Fecal matter deposited by the animal must be immediately picked up and taken to a refuse container or taken out of the park;

  • Be mindful that other visitors may be afraid of dogs. Do not let your dog approach other people without an invitation. On the trail, pet owners should yield to other visitors;

  • Cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and live poultry are not allowed in Elk Island National Park.

Park prices

Per day

$ 7,90 per adult, free for children

Per year

$ 40,06 per adult

Parks Canada Discovery Pass

$ 69,19

Open hours

1- 54401 Range Road 203

Fort Saskatchewan

Elk Island National Park is a great place to have an afternoon picnic, enjoy an evening campfire or see the Aurora Borealis in the dark of the night. Open and accessible to visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Elk Island is a must-see for anyone visiting the Edmonton area.

Although the park is open around the clock, some services and facilities are only open in the summer season during typical business hours



Elk Island National Park


Elk Island National Park
Elk Island National Park
Elk Island National Park

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