Orchard Trail


A   classic Rouge Valley hike, the Orchard Trail features young forests mixed   with wetlands and traces of early European settlement, including remnant   orchards, residences and an old mill. The trail can be accessed at two   places: the north trailhead is located at the bottom of Zoo Road on the south   side of the road (next to a portable washroom), a short 5-minute walk from   Parks Canada’s Welcome Area at the top of Zoo Road; and the south trailhead   is accessed via Twyn Rivers Drive. Guided walks meet in front of the Parks   Canada Visitor Welcome Area, behind the Rouge Valley Conservation Centre off   Zoo Road.


  • Wetlands   – The bottom of Zoo Road is becoming increasingly well known for its   beautiful human-made wetlands, which buffleheads, painted turtles and swans   are known to frequent at various times throughout the year.

  • Orchards – Dormant apple orchards can be found about midway along the   trail, calling back to the area’s use as settled farmland supporting local   families for hundreds of years.

  • Cultural history – The ‘avenue of trees’ near the south end of the trail is   a nod to the area’s past as a settled residence and active mill. Watch for   the rows of trees planted in the new growth forest. From the south trailhead   at Twyn Rivers Drive, you can see an old ski hill and the pieces of an old   concrete dam that was once used to back up the river for swimming when a   hotel stood on the site.

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Pets   are welcome in the park, but we want them, and park wildlife to be safe. Our   domestic animals can be exposed to dangers from wildlife and the elements   just like we can, and they may also pose a danger to the park’s protected   wildlife, farmland and cultural heritage. For the safety of your pet and to   help protect the park, please observe the following rules:

  • Leash up – For the safety of your pet and others, all pets must be under   physical control whenever you are visiting the park.

  • Stoop and scoop – Pet waste can have adverse effects on park wildlife,   farmland and cultural heritage. Please clean up after your pet and dispose of   waste in proper garbage receptacles.

  • Be mindful – We want everyone to feel safe and respected while they visit   Rouge National Urban Park. Other visitors and local wildlife may not feel   comfortable around your pet. Please keep your domestic animals away from   other visitors and wildlife you may encounter in the park.


Entry   is free.

55  Twyn Rivers Drive


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