Cedar Trail and the Beare Wetlands Loop


Enjoy   the rich wildlife at the Beare Wetlands on the southern part of this trail,   then head north into mature forests with views of the Little Rouge River.   Guided walks for the Cedar Trail or Beare Wetland Loop meet in front of the   Parks Canada Visitor Welcome Area, behind the Rouge Valley Conservation   Centre off Zoo Road. Note that sections of the trail may be slippery in the   winter or after rainfall. Watch your step and hike carefully.


  • River   views – At times, the trail runs parallel to Little Rouge Creek. Watch for   signs of beavers, shorebirds and songbirds.

  • Stunning landscapes – The cedar canopy offers the perfect backdrop for your   hike. The elevation changes take you through the majestic ravine valleys and   hill top forests that are characteristic of the Rouge Valley. When the leaf   canopy is gone, southward views from the highest points of the trail give a   sense of the expanse of the park.

  • Biodiversity – The extensive Beare Wetland complex is home to and supports   songbirds, shorebirds, waterfowl, reptiles and amphibians, mammals and many   aquatic invertebrates. Watch for snapping turtles in this area.

  •  A heart healthy challenge – Steep sections provide a good cardio challenge   throughout the hike.

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Distance round trip

4.5 km


2 to   2.5 hours



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Pets   are welcome in the park, but we want them, and park wildlife to be safe. Our   domestic animals can be exposed to dangers from wildlife and the elements   just like we can, and they may also pose a danger to the park’s protected   wildlife, farmland and cultural heritage. For the safety of your pet and to   help protect the park, please observe the following rules:

  • Leash up – For the safety of your pet and others, all pets must be under   physical control whenever you are visiting the park.

  • Stoop and scoop – Pet waste can have adverse effects on park wildlife,   farmland and cultural heritage. Please clean up after your pet and dispose of   waste in proper garbage receptacles.

  • Be mindful – We want everyone to feel safe and respected while they visit   Rouge National Urban Park. Other visitors and local wildlife may not feel   comfortable around your pet. Please keep your domestic animals away from   other visitors and wildlife you may encounter in the park.


Entry   is free.

Bottom of Zoo Road


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