Maligne Canyon


There are many bridges along this trail, allowing you to make this trek as short or long as you’d like. First and second bridges provide quick access to the best views, while bridges further down provide a different perspective. Horses and bikes are not permitted on some sections of this trail. The trail is steep in places.

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Distance round trip



2-4 hours


100 m


7g, 7

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All domestic animals must be kept under physical control (i.e. on a leash or in suitable confinement) and not become a nuisance at all times. Pets are not to be left unattended on campsites or in vehicles. It is illegal and extremely dangerous to leave your pet unattended in your car during warm weather. If left unattended, the animal may be impounded. Allowing your pet to chase any wild animal in the Park is an offence. Pets are not allowed in some areas. Look for notices at trailheads and info centres to find out where these restrictions are. Remember to clean up after your pet.


Park entrance fees

Open hours

May to October

(P11) Maligne Canyon upper parking lot, 8 km east of Jasper via Highway 16 and Maligne Road 


780 852-6176

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